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New York Luxury Suites complex is a historic building on the east side of Corfu’s Old Town, onthe main road encircling the coastal area, with views of the sea, the Old Port, the Neo Frourio (New Fortress), and the old buildings of the town. This building, located at 23 Donzelot, like the ones directly next to it, was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century and was intended for a hotel. As such, it operated for almost half a century, under the name “New York”. Former “New York” in Corfu is an urban period building, with Art Deco features, which at the time characterized the architectural trend in America and France. Building’s aesthetics are perfectly suited to its location, adding a Western-style modernism to the Old Town’s medieval and neoclassical architecture.


In 2022, the building was fully renovated, retaining its original architectural character. And it was relaunched as a tourist accommodation; this time as a luxury complex of suites, with serviced apartments. The revival of this century-old building and its reopening in the field of tourism and hospitality, prompted us to also restore its original name, as a way of honoringits historical past. And so, what used to be “New York”, became “New York Luxury Suites”, with four floors, nine apartmentsuites, and the capacity to accommodate up to thirty-one guests.


On the block, there are also the new buildings of the Region of the Ionian Islands (old courts), the Mitropoleos Square and the Venetian Well in Kremasti Square (an architectural masterpiece, from the Venetian era). Behind the building lies the Old Town, waiting for New York Luxury Suites’ guests to explore it on foot, by following three different romanticroutes: along the coast (from both sides of the main street), or through the alleys that are right next to the building. Whichever route you take, the historicity of the building will connect you with the historicity of the Old Town, uniquely!